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Glad to have Monday for a vacation from the weekend….

Glad to have Monday for a vacation from the weekend….. Advertisements

Summer Vacation…before Changes…

Summer Vacation…before Changes….

Job Discrimination: Filing a Complaint

You do not have to be an employee to be discriminated against or to file a complaint.  Discrimination isn’t just about hard evidence or even feeling as though one has been discriminated against.  Discriminations can be filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  There are five laws enforced by the EEOC.   Title VII of the … Continue reading

Employee Recruiting And Retention Are Symptoms Not The Problem

A lot is said on recruiting and retaining employees; however, it is often overlooked that the two issues really go hand in hand. The inability to retain employees leads to not being able to find the right prospective employees to recruit. I was discussing with a client about employee turnover because she had stated that … Continue reading

Keys to an Effective Job Search

Stress and being unemployed or searching for a new job goes hand in hand in the best of economic times. When you add to that the political unrest and uncertain economy all over the globe, the winners in the job search are those who can reduce their stress and maximize the search. For the most … Continue reading

New Labor Law Posting Requirements

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued the final rule that has created a new posting requirement for almost all private-sector employers. The new regulation excludes agricultural, railroad, and airline employers. Union and non-union employers will be required to post the notice. Employers that communicate with employees regularly through the internet will also be required … Continue reading

What Should an Employee Do if Discrimination is Suspected

A common misconception about HR people is that they just enjoying firing people. However, the majority of human resource professionals that I know hate that aspect of the job. They got into HR because they want to be a voice for the employees, and help keep the employer and employee relationship fair and productive. The … Continue reading

Customer Service

Customer service seems to be a long forgotten component of business these days. I often wonder why business owners tolerate poor customer service especially in the tough economic times. Oftentimes, I hear clients and potential clients state that their business is hurting because of the economy. One of the first things I do when conducting … Continue reading

HR Challenges for Small Businesses

Small businesses spend many hours molding and shaping their organization so that they can retain their focus of beating competitors, finding new customers, and boosting their revenue and profits. Business owners often overlook one of the most potentially serious and costly issues- compliance with human resources. One challenge is that when small businesses first start … Continue reading

Office Gossip….what does it hurt?

Merriam-Webster defines gossip as “a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts about others; rumor or report of an intimate nature; and chatty talk.” I have heard people ask what does it hurt, and without even going into what it can do to someone on a personal level I will be discussing the effects … Continue reading